Color Wheel

Make or color your own ColorWheel!

The ColorWheel is like a rainbow full of many colors. Like a rainbow the ColorWheel follows a certain pattern. You can make your own ColorWheel. To begin, the ColorWheel has three primary colors. They are yellow, red, and blue. These colors form a triangle. Taking and mixing equal amounts of the colors yellow and red, will make color orange. Mixing equal amounts of the colors red and blue, will make the color purple. And mixing equal amounts of the colors blue and yellow, will make the color green. Therefore, the mixing of two primary colors make a secondary color. Orange, purple, and green are called secondary colors. To continue to expand the ColorWheel, mix equal amounts of the two colors which are next to each other. That is, mix the yellow with the orange and it will be yellow-orange. Orange mixed with red makes red-orange. Equal amounts of red and purple make red-purple or a warm purple. Then equal amounts of purple and blue make blue-purple or a cool purple. And to continue, blue and green make blue-green or a cool green. Mixing green and yellow, make yellow-green or a warm green. Tertiary colors are made by mixing two secondary colors. Moreover, equal amounts of all the primary colors mixed together will make brown. A very saturated color with a lot of pigment (color) will become black. However, the reverse is true. That is, if there is no color, it is white.

Click on the color wheel that you want to print out.