PaintBears Pledge

PaintBears Pledge
Standing Up for the Truth and Protecting the Innocent!!!

PaintBear™ pledges to tell the truth and protect the innocent by not allowing others to hurt kids by lying about or bullying them, even if it is their friend.  PaintBears™ believe they should always stand up for the truth and protect the innocent regardless of color, rich or poor, religion, gender, or culture. PaintBears™believe God and Jesus is pure truth, goodness, and love, along with the Holy Spirit. When a PaintBear™has a difficult decision to make, they asked themselves, “Will Jesus be proud or ashamed of me???” concerning their decision of what they are going to do.

You can be just like the PaintBears™ by taking and living the PaintBears Pledge.

PaintBears™ Trust in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!!!