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Compare PaintShirt® Sizes!


 Small PaintShirt®

This Little Artist is 4 years old
Height: 39-1/2" & Weight: 36 lbs.

 Medium PaintShirt®

This Little Artist is 7 years old
Height: 47-1/4" & Weight: 53 lbs.

 Large PaintShirt®

This Little Artist is 10 years old
Height: 55-1/2" & Weight: 71 lbs.









Notice the comfortable fit of the PaintShirt® around the Little Artists' shoulders, waist, and wrists areas.  Our Velcro® closure goes down approximately the length of our art smock.  The PaintShirt® has a collar that covers kids' shirts to prevent possible paint stains.  For more details about our PaintShirt®  Click Here!   

Remember when you order from our CyberStore, all of our products have a 100% money back guarantee.

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